Couples Workshops

Couples Workshops

Couples Workshops provide a fun and exciting way to gain insight, develop tools and techniques to strengthen your relationship!

You will learn to:

  • Resolve Conflict
  • Increase Compassion
  • Reduce Blame
  • Learn to Forgive
  • Repair Past Hurts
  • Break Your Patterns and Cycle
  • Restore Trust
  • Meet Desires and Needs

Our couples workshop is unique! You learn to APPLY the powerful tools and techniques in one weekend that would take you months to learn in therapy or from reading books. This condensed workshop gives you more than just head knowledge and information.

You leave having a heart EXPERIENCE and intimate connection with your partner. The experiential exercises you do with your partner bring healing to past hurts, help resolve conflicts, and create more loving and empathetic communication between the two of you.

Questions about the weekend workshop

What do I wear?

Dress is very causal. Jeans, shorts, sweats are all appropriate. We want you to feel comfortable.

Is there food?

We will have coffee, water and snacks for the day as well as breakfast and lunch will be served on Saturday.

Do I have to speak in public or in a group?

No. There is not any public or group speaking. You will only be speaking with your partner.

Why a Couples Workshop?

Research has shown that Couples workshops can be very effective in helping couples reduce conflict, develop a stronger bond, and improve communication. This is a way to save time in weekly couples therapy while gaining the same information and application. The whole workshop is just a little over the price of one couples counseling session! Workshops are more effective than seminars in that you learn to apply and integrate the knowledge you have learned. In essence, you get it from your head to your heart!

Why do we have to do exercises?

Good question. Most people are a little reluctant at first to do exercises with their partner. However, very quickly you will feel safer and experience the benefit. Applying and integrating the principles we share are one of the most powerful parts of the weekend! This will also ensure you have the tools to continue these new skills and patterns once you return home! However, please know it is always your choice to participate in an exercise or not.

Will we receive any materials?

Yes! You each will be given a Matters of the Heart Workbook for the weekend and a Journaling Notebook.

Will we get any one-on-one time with the presenters at the workshop?

During the break out times you may work with Allen or Terra for five or ten minutes. However, if you are wanting more individual focus as a couple we recommend you attend a Private Weekend Marriage Intensive!

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