Certified Teen Life Coach

Youth and Young women ages 10-25

Are you struggling with school, friends, boys, dating and life balance? Anxious about "fitting in?" Or are family relationships with your dad, mom or siblings more strained during this season? Do you have a difficult time managing stress, time or finding your own inspired way of organizing your life? Maybe your over critical of your appearance or find yourself feeling down and moody?

Bethany Cain

Bethany Cain is a Certified Christian Life Coach with a gift and heart specifically for Tweens, Teen Girls and Young adult women.

Bethany has a private practice in El Dorado Hills, CA. She often connects via telehealth on Zoom or Skype and can meet you for walks or at Starbucks if you are in the surrounding area!

Bethany is warm, friendly, open and a positive role model for young women! Bethany's focus is on a young girl's relationship with herself, with others and with God. She creates a safe and accepting space for young women to explore their feelings, needs and thoughts without judgement. She encourages their strengths, positive values and potential in the process. Within the connection of the relationship young teens or women can face their challenges and explore tough questions.


The Process

Through in person one on one sessions or telehealth, Bethany equips young women using strategies, tools, processes and exercises to increase a young lady's self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-worth. Sometimes there are assignments if desired, journaling questions, book readings, worksheets or specific art projects depending on the age or what is needed. Bethany not only empowers young women to deepen self-awareness and bring change to desired areas, she also helps them to meet their core needs and values when they are in internal conflict. Bethany is excellent at helping young women challenge their negative thinking and renew their mind. She is open to praying together if this is something that feels comfortable and is desired.


Education and Experience

Bethany Cain has her B.S in Liberal Studies from Sonoma State University. Her certification as a Certified Teen Life Coach is from the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). She has many years of experience counseling and discipling with adolescence in churches, youth groups and Young Life. She has worked on staff at both Mt. Hermon Christian Camp in Santa Cruz and Mt. Gilead Bible Camp in Jr. High and Sr. High ministries. She has also recruited, trained, supervised and counseled college staff counselors. Bethany has led small girls' groups, taught Bible studies, discipled teenagers and spoken publicly to groups of teens.


Personal Life

Bethany is married, has 3 young children and attends Vintage Grace Church in El Dorado Hills, CA. where she is on the leadership team for Mom's Connect. In her free time, she enjoys being with her family, fitness and nutrition. She also loves all outdoor activities such as backpacking, paddle-boarding, camping and white-water rafting.


Specialties and Topics

  • Increase self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Formation of healthy personal boundaries
  • Improve decision-making ability
  • Enhance relationships with parents & siblings
  • Increase positive communication skills
  • Develop positive coping skills
  • Challenge negative self talk & critical thinking
  • Create skills for new friendships and handle mean girls/bullying
  • Increase personal responsibility
  • Encourage authentic self
  • Decrease family conflicts
  • Support grief & anger around parents' separation/divorce
  • Improve study habits and work ethic
  • Balance on social media and screen engagement
  • Increase healthy choices around boys, dating and sex
  • Create a positive body image
  • Encourage organization and time management skills
  • Understand choices and consequences
  • Expand future dreams, purpose and goals
  • Increase positive self-expression and self-acceptance
  • Support identity and gender form
  • Decrease depression and anxiety
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Strengthen relationship with God
  • Integration of emotional and biblical principles


To the Parents,

You love your daughter and want the best for her! You might be here because you are experiencing the natural "pulling away" that begins occurring as early as her tweens. Many this age stop confiding in parents about the details of what is happening in their day.

You might be here because you know she needs a trusted, outside ally who can support and encourage her during this often-challenging season. Or maybe there are conflicts going on at home where she needs an outside space to explore her emotions. I am a safe place for her to process whatever is on her heart and a judgement-free lifeline for your daughter to feel accepted so she can begin exploring her voice, feelings, needs and boundaries.

In our coaching sessions, she will discover her value and develop a greater sense of self-esteem. Her confidence and self-worth will grow as she is listened to, feelings are validated and understood, she becomes self-aware, supported, given a healthy voice and learns more about God's love for her.

Life Coaching is a positive, proactive approach to connect with her authentic self and draw out the best version of herself. We focus on who she wants to become, the decisions in this very moment that will shape her future and continue to develop her character.

Your daughter will have her very own personal support, coach, advocate and guide who she feels safe with. Through the trusted and unique coaching relationship, I will listen, explore, ask questions, advise, inform, challenge, encourage and support your daughter to know and honor herself, overcome obstacles, achieve her goals and dreams, and grow into the successful, confident young women she is meant to be.

Sessions are confidential for teens over age 17 unless there are harmful behaviors such as child abuse, suicidal or homicidal thinking. To keep parents informed, for teens under age 16, there is a summary sheet sent out monthly by email if desired. The summary will include general topics discussed, assignments, strengths and areas of improvement still needed. Teens will be included and aware of this structure.