Couples Group Weekends

Couples Group Intensive

(Limited to 4 Couples)

A Couples Group Intensive is innovative and effective! This evidenced based approach is an educational, experiential, skill training model designed to improve your connection, lower your conflicts and increase listening and empathy as you process and resolve your issues.

Our Couples Intensive is conducted in a safe group format with Allen and Terra as therapists. Each couple will have time to work on their own issues in group sessions as well as individual sessions.

couples group therapyCouples learn how to be more accepting and nonjudgmental of each other; to improve ownership and regulation of their emotional expression; to become more empathetic and skillful in understanding each other; and to strengthen the emotional attachment in their relationship.

Meet and get to know other couples in a meaningful way. Learn from other couple's work in the group as well as get support for the conflicts you and your partner have. You will leave knowing you are not alone in your marital difficulties. Learn how to listen with empathy for your most perplexing issues and deepen your connection with your spouse.

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