Family Intensives

Family Intensives

couples therapyFamily Intensives are specifically designed to help families increase healthy communication skills and to effectively discuss difficult topics.

We provide a safe, accepting and nurturing space to begin the work of identifying root causes of your family distress. We assess the dynamics and issues and develop a comprehensive customized treatment plan for each of you as individuals and as a family.

You will learn how to deepen your connection, increase communication through empathy, listening, and understanding differences.

We will meet with you either two, three, or four days depending on what you need. We are available Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get to the origin of your struggles and hurt and repair quickly.

We will then help educate and teach you techniques to strengthen your communication and closeness as a family.


Family Intensive Testimonial

"As adult children, my three brothers and I sought out Terri and Allen Haley at Matters of the Heart Resources for a Family Intensive with my parents. Immediately Terri and Allen eased my fears and created an environment where my family was able to communicate safely and effectively regarding my father's alcoholism and our mother's hoarding.

Terri and Allen and the day far exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at their ability to perceive and facilitate six individuals' thoughts and emotions for an eight-hour time period in one day. They did an excellent job at keeping the conversations positive, productive and moving in appropriate directions.

They brought hope into our situation, practical advice for each of us, and were warm and caring. Terri and Allen can be very light hearted when the conversation permits, yet they are real and incredibly sensitive to people's pain. Terri and Allen did an astounding job of perceiving deep hurts and creating a safe environment where the truth could come out.

I highly recommend Terri and Allen Haley and the Family Intensive at Matters of the Heart if you are considering bringing your family."

E.B, One of four siblings in a family of six.