Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Studies show that, in the care of a skilled marriage counselor 70- 80% of the time there is success. The main complaint couples bring to therapy is "losing connection and high levels of conflict," This is often from hurtful cycles of purser and withdrawer that lead to disconnection. The number one reason couples give for divorce is that they have grown apart.

Conflict can deplete your relationship from connection and emotional and sexual intimacy. There are very basic skills and tools couples can learn about connection, their patterns and cycles, conflicts and how to share feelings and needs that are easy to apply and can really help.

On average, couples wait 6 years after problems develop to seek counseling. Yet, the sooner you get help, just like with a physical illness, the better your chances of success. Please give us a call today at 707-523-9066.

We can help to strengthen or repair and change your marriage around issues of connection, conflict, intimacy, trust, infidelity, anger or addictions.

"Couples counseling was an incredible experience. A time of healing and positive conversations. We learned how to break our cycle and to be intentional about listening to each others heart. We are now much more aware of how we hurt each other and how to overcome the destructive patterns that created distance between us. We are so much more close and connected. You guys are awesome!"

C & L San Rafael CA

Allen and Terri both offer weekly couples counseling for those wanting a regular scheduled time to work on their marriage.

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"I remember sitting at my computer and crying out to God that he would guide us to help... Then I pulled up Matters of the Heart Marriages on the screen. You are both are so gifted and complement each other so well in sessions. We learned more during our time with you two than we have in all our years of counseling. Our connection and authentic communication is better than ever. Forever Grateful!" - F&J

"We left you guys both saying why we didn't do this fifteen years ago... What pain it would have saved. We told everyone at home about you. I am making a commitment to call you guys every year and thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for each of us, our kids and our marriage." - R&A